Carbon Monoxide Conundra
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About CO Conundra

CO Conundra is an all volunteer not-for-profit  project directed by Albert Donnay, MHS.  
It is inspired by a lecture of the same name that he gave to the Capitol Hill Exchange Club in the Old US Senate Dining Room on August 30, 2001. 

Mr. Donnay is an independent consulting toxicologist, environmental health engineer, and certified CO analyst who has been working on CO since 1994. He has spoken, written and testified extensively on CO, investigated many CO poisonings and deaths, designed CO detectors and protocols for their use, and developed medical guidelines for the screening, testing, diagnosis and treatment of chronic low-level CO poisoning. He also (unsuccessfully) petitioned US NHTSA to require automakers to install CO detectors in all vehicles.

We look forward to the day when this website is no longer necessary. 

All of the information posted here is correct to the best of our knowledge. 
Please inform us of any corrections and any other CO conundra we may have missed.
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